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About Aurora Olıve

Aurora Olive is highly experienced foodstuff manufacturer located in Aegean region of Turkey. We have started our production with olives and olive oil and throughout years we have extended our product portfolio for other foodstuff such as pickles, sun dried tomatoes, roasted eggplant, rice stuffed eggplant, vine leaves and rice stuffed vine leaves. Now we are a supplier who can serve you with variety of different foodstuff and who can provide you mixed  shipment of these products.

Prıvate Label

Aurora Olive also produces your private label with very flexible quantities. We will not ask you for big MOQ for production.

We have our in-house graphics team so we can finalize your label design very quickly (in 2-3 days).

We can serve you with many packaging options :

Tins, plastic PETs, plastic buckets, vacuum trays, vacuum bags, glass jars.

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Our Productıon Lınes

Prıvate Label Production

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